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Calculating Operating Expense Ratio (OER)

What percentage of the gross rental income should a property owner expect to allocate toward expenses each year? The answer to this question is important, and allows you to quickly forecast whether or not a property will produce positive cash flow. But first, some definitions: Operating Expense Ratio is defined as the ratio between total… Read more »

Are You an Investor or a Speculator?

“Using Other People’s Money to Get Rich…” “Other People’s Money – The Ultimate Leverage…” “Flip and Grow Rich” There are hundreds of books like these available on real estate “investing”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Borrow lots of money and buy as many properties as you can and you will become rich! Maybe you have heard… Read more »

Time for a New Roof? Roofing Options for Rental Properties

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a rental property, especially in Oklahoma, is keeping the property water-tight. And the element of the structure that is arguably the most important in achieving that goal is the roof. High winds and damaging hail are the biggest threat to rental properties in Tulsa. Understanding some basics and… Read more »