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How to Invest Like Warren Buffett – In Real Estate!

“The Wizard of Omaha”…. “The Oracle of Omaha”… While these nicknames may be a little over the top (after all, he’s a humble guy that likes Cherry Coke and has lived in the same home for decades), it is fair to say that Mr. Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time…. Read more »

Keeping the Ship Afloat: Capital Reserves for Investment Properties

US Navy sailors spend a lot of time painting. A-lot. A US Navy ship is in a constant cycle of refurbishment and replacement. It’s what keeps the ship afloat for decades. It’s what makes the US Navy the most powerful in the world. As a real estate investor, are you prepared to keep your ship… Read more »

How to Protest Your Rental Property Taxes

To Lower Your Property Taxes, Dispute the Assessed Value of the Property. You may have recently received a notice of change in assessed valuation of your property from the county assessor, most likely increasing the assessed fair market value (FMV) and hence, your property taxes. Or perhaps your assessed value didn’t change, but you feel… Read more »

Luke Westerfield Appointed to GTAR Property Management Committee

Home Finders is pleased to announce that company president, Luke Westerfield, has been appointed to serve on the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors property management committee for the 2015 term. Luke will join 15 other real estate and property management professionals from the Tulsa area. Luke and the other members of the committee will meet… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Property Management Company

Here are some important questions to ask yourself and the property manager when choosing a property management company: 1.) Does the company’s philosophy match yours? When you enter into a property management agreement, you are creating an ongoing, potentially long-term relationship. Doesn’t it make sense then to ensure that your property management company is compatible?… Read more »