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Tulsa Rental Market Update

Tulsa Rental Market Update. The National Association of Realtors has released an article discussing how increasing rental prices are squeezing renters’ pocketbooks nationwide. Contained within the article are some very interesting statistics on 70 metro areas nationwide, including Tulsa. Here is the Tulsa Rental Market update: % Change in Rents, 3rd Qtr 2009 – 3rd Qtr… Read more »

The Best Time to Buy Real Estate

Why the holidays are the best time to buy real estate. Like a lot of places, the weather’s getting a lot colder here in Tulsa. That means our thoughts are turning towards families gathered around the dinner table, big Christmas trees with lots of ornaments, and the start of a great new year. Oh yeah, and… Read more »

Tulsa Investment Properties: 3 Examples

Today’s blog post will provide some current (November 2014) market information for 3 examples of actual investment properties in the Tulsa metro area. At the request of several of our clients, we will provide information about the location, market value and rental value of each of the following Tulsa investment properties to give real estate investors an… Read more »