The Best Time to Buy Real Estate

Why the holidays are the best time to buy real estate.

Like a lot of places, the weather’s getting a lot colder here in Tulsa. That means our thoughts are turning towards families gathered around the dinner table, big Christmas trees with lots of ornaments, and the start of a great new year.

Oh yeah, and one other thing…. Black Friday.

Now if there’s one thing that us Americans like, it’s getting a good deal. Like trample-each-other-at-4-am-to-get-a-good-deal. But what if I told you that for real estate buyers, good deals come every year at the same exact time, and you don’t even have to wait out in the cold overnight?

Fortunately for us, we even have a free guide to tell us when to shop. Courtesy of Federal Reserve Economic Data and the National Association of Realtors, we can see why the last few months of the year, and especially January and February, are the best time to buy real estate.


best time to buy real estate

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See the pattern? Every year, median sales prices of existing homes are higher in the summer and lower in the winter months. Significantly lower, maybe even 10% lower peak-to-trough, on average.

In my personal experience, some of the best deals on Tulsa investment properties can be found right around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and especially in the coldest times in January and February. It seems during these times that sellers are eager to just get the property sold, knowing that it may just languish on the market during those long winter months. And there aren’t many buyers willing to brave the cold and snow to go shopping for investment properties.

So this holiday season, get on your warm weather gear, and go shopping – for real estate in Tulsa!

If you are looking to purchase your next Tulsa investment property, give us a call at 918-665-0212. We’ll brave the cold with you to find the good deals.



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